Access Your Credentials, Anytime, Anywhere.

Today's workforce is mobile. Workers move from employer-to-employer and need their training to follow them. SkillsPass makes this possible.

We are changing the way safety training is tracked and shared.

  • Unique Worker Profiles
  • All Your Certificates Together
  • No More Wallet Cards
  • Accessible on Your Phone
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SkillsPass is All You Need

SkillsPass retires your stack of wallet cards, pulling all those records onto a single secure cloud-based profile. Your unique SkillPass QR Code is all you need to to get access to the worksite, ensuring you'll never need to hunt down lost cards or re-train unnecessarily.


You Control Access

SkillsPass only holds enough information to make sure it's your name and your records. When your awarded a certification by a training provider, your profile will show the record automatically. Share it digitally or print it out. Who gets to see that record is up to you. 


The Advantage of Digital

SkillsPass issues notifications to your e-mail to make sure you stay on top of re-certification. It speeds up the administration of training and gives workers confidence that they won't be denied worksite access. No more lost cards, no more lost time.