Why Should You Join SkillsPass?

Safety training is a critically important part of a safe workplace. But take a moment and consider all the barriers that manually tracked safety credentials impose on your workers. How many are refused access to a worksite? How many retrain unnecessarily? Wallet cards can get left at home or another vehicle. Training can lapse when expiry dates aren't watched carefully. And even when these issues are caught, training providers can lose a record and be forced to retrain rather than reissue.

With Training Safely Stored in SkillsPass, None of That is a Problem Anymore.

Print from Home

Lost and/or damaged certificates can be easily replaced without visiting the original training provider

Access Anywhere

The records are online, so certificates can be viewed from any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Expiry Notifications

SkillsPass helps workers with training renewal, issuing them email notifications when training is due to expire


Single-Scan Compliance System

SkillsPass makes it easier than ever for employers to validate training. Our Single-Scan Compliance System provides every Worker profile with a unique QR code. When a participating employer or inspector scans these codes, an entire record of training is presented for validation.

Have a no cellphone policy? No problem. The code can be printed on a card, lanyard, or helmet.


See it for Yourself