Say Goodbye to Managing Paper & Get Back to Training

For a safer, more secure workforce, the SkillsPass Training Provider Module aims to get you back in the classroom and put the focus back where it belongs: on safety credential training.

The age of lost records, manually inputted credentials, spreadsheets, and stacks of wallet cards is over. Join SkillsPass and embrace a new safety credential ecosystem.

"At Majors McGuire Inc, we take pride in delivering quality safety training. We chose SkillsPass because we recognized that making training records available to employers and workers in one system benefits everyone and brings our work into the future. This is an important piece of the safety puzzle that will drive great efficiencies for our province and change the game, for the better."

Ron McGuire, Owner
Majors McGuire


Classroom Management

Customer management software to help you register more workers, schedule them efficiently, and grade them quickly.

  • Online & Offline Registration
  • Grading and Attendance
  • Public Storefront

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Digital Certifications

Digitally issued certifications that workers can access from their computer or mobile phone. No more wallet cards!

  • Print or Paperless eCard
  • Real-time Validation
  • Renewal Notifications

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Automated Records

Automatic populated digital paper trails that show where and when workers were certified. We handle the records so you don't have to.

  • Always Accessible
  • Safety Records
  • 1-Click Reports for Regulators

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User-RegistrationFill Seats, Not Forms

Customers will find it easy to recertify with their original training provider. Renewal Notifications ensure workers line-up when they must, and the option for single or multi-seat sign-up gives the power to Unions and Employers to enforce it. Plus, automatically populated class lists make marking a breeze.


Credential-DeliveryCredentials Issued By You

SkillsPass recognize training providers as the only source of valid training data. The minute instructors mark passing completion and award a digital certificate, a worker’s can view it on their digital profile. If they’ve authorized that data to go to their employer, that will happen automatically as well.


Faster Access to Certificates

Workers carry all their credentials on one own personal profile. With workers holding the record, there’s no more printing, signing, laminating and mailing certificates. Your customers have immediate access to view all certifications.

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Your Partners Benefit Too

Centralizing a training records database gives employers timely access to critical safety training information, enables them to automate reporting to Regulators, and reinforces their commitment to safe work practices and culture.

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