Redefining Safety Training Ecosystems

Data empowers you to make better decisions, helping you to provide better coverage for workers. SkillsPass offers consolidated data of all the training providers that are accredited by you to provide training.

Identify trends, assess training quality, and monitor program completion to ensure workers and worksites are up-to-date.

"The development of our application by Bluedrop and WorkplaceNL was one of the best software development projects I have ever experienced. The project was on time, on budget, and the Bluedrop team always went that extra mile to ensure the project met our expectations."

Brian Delaney, Executive Director
Employer Services, WorkplaceNL


Real-Time Transparency

One system that aggregates data from all your Training Providers. When they issue a cert, you see it immediately all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

  • Automated Reporting
  • Direct Access to Certifications
  • API Support for alternate LMS

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Enforcement Tools

Workers are assigned unique QR codes which can be printed or accessed digitally and scanned by an enforcement officer for validation.

  • Real-time Training Validation
  • Print or Re-Print with 1-Click
  • Automated Papertrail

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Private & Secure

A company with a proven track record of security protections, trusted by government, which respects both individual and organizational privacy.

  • NATO Security Clearance
  • Only Uncompromising Data
  • NATO Security Designation

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Training-Provider-ReportingInstant, Automatic Reports

Your SkillsPass dashboard displays a complete aggregate of your training provider reports. When a SkillsPass Training Provider issues a certificate to a worker, that data appears instantly and automatically on your dashboard. Custom APIs enable Training Providers to upload from other systems with a click of a button. Direct, timely access enables you to make data-driven decisions using reports you can customize.

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A Complete Training Profile in One Scan 

Every worker that uses SKillsPass is assigned unique QR code that you can scan to validate their training. Whether printed or paperless, your inspectors won’t need to wade through an assortment or cards, worry about which training is current, or training provider verified.

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MarketplaceOnline Offerings in an Open Market

Interested in maintaining an open market or just wanting to foster competition? SkillsPass can offer an open or closed marketplace solution for your customers.

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