Why Are Wallet Cards Bad for Business?

We're so glad you asked!

What Wallet Cards Do, Other Tools Do Better

Safety training is important but you shouldn’t have to push out project timelines because of a lost card. This is the information age and that data should be real-time.


Wallet Card Systems are Vulnerable to Change

It can be an administrative nightmare to respond to new safety standards or regulatory processes when your record management foundation is filing cabinets and spreadsheets.


We Live in a Time of Constant Disruption

You now find yourself asking about cannabis on the worksite, sexual harassment prevention, and shifts in how regulators validate training. How long will it be before new safety standards begin to emerge?


Here's the Alternative

nmwc-check It Provides Real-time Data
nmwc-check It can Issue Automatic Reports
nmwc-check It's Free for Employers
nmwc-check Training Providers Already Have It

So Why Aren't We Using It?