The New Safety Training Ecosystem

Posted by SkillsPass on Dec 17, 2018 1:12:04 PM

During an accident or emergency, employers depend on workers to have the proper, up-to-date safety training that prevents life-changing injuries or fatalities. Simply put: safety training saves lives.

But does the system we use help us guarantee positive outcomes or is it getting in the way? Think about it. We rely on employers and contractors to identify the safety training their workers need for where they're working. We ask workers to keep track of the wallet cards that prove they have this training, when their certifications expire, and where to go to get retraining. Training providers are responding to two kinds of customer, with unique challenges, using obsolete filing systems and paper records to file this data...somewhere.

This puts an administrative burden on companies, both big and small. And it is it justified? If there was no other way to protect workers, it would be, but today there is no excuse.

There is a better way.

SkillsPass is the first central database of its kind to track all of those safety training records that so many people need access to. We are building a new safety training ecosystem to provide workers, employers, training providers, and unions  with transparency and real-time validated records that have been so difficult to stay on top of in the past. We don't offer the training, you do.

You train. We track.

We have a collective responsibility to ensure safety, so let’s do it together. Let's stop this back-and-forth complete and confirm training certifications. A single centralized digital source for all this information will replace the broken safety training ecosystem we have and give us the ecosystem we deserve.

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