5 SkillsPass Features That You’ll Love

Posted by SkillsPass on Dec 3, 2018 9:00:59 AM

It is incredibly important for people who work in the skilled trades to have all of their safety training and certifications up to date and at the ready. Whether you’re an employer, worker, training provider, or a government regulator, keeping track of all of the certificates, tickets, or records can take a lot of time and effort.

Employers, what tickets do your employees have and how do you verify them? Is excel your best friend for tracking them? Workers, what training do you have and when do you need to re-certify? Training providers, how do your customers book training with you and how do they get a copy of the certificates once training is complete? Regulators, how do you make sure that every worker’s training is safe enough for the job they are doing?

SkillsPass is a unified system that provides easy solutions for all of these questions. Keep reading to learn how, along with some other great benefits:

1. Find All Safety Training Records in One Place

It’s common practice for bigger companies to hire multiple contractors, each of which would have their own employees with their own certifications. Fortunately, SkillsPass collects employee and contractor data and displays it on one dashboard where employers can filter, sort, and prioritize that data however they like. SkillsPass allows employers to focus on individual workers without losing sight of the entire workforce.

Having this kind of access also eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, and paper trails to confirm workers’ certifications. Any authorized member of an organization can log in and view current credentials for anyone on their work site or at the company. This is especially useful because it enables employers and contractors to dispatch workers more effectively and identify training shortages so that they can be addressed.

2. Find or Print Certificates with Ease

Automated record-keeping puts an end to the stacks of documents and piles of paper that used to have to be input or sorted through manually. SkillsPass issues every worker their own unique QR code in our cloud-based system and anyone who scans this code can get a complete picture of that worker's certifications. It’s printable and also accessible by phone; a wallet card they won't lose easily.

3. Receive Notifications When It’s Time for Re-Training

Safety certifications should never expire. However, life can get hectic and things like re-certification can be forgotten. SkillsPass sends notification emails to workers and employers with enough notice to reduce the risk of that happening; 60 days, 30 days, and 2 weeks.

4. Training Providers Can Easily Book Workers for (Re-)Training

SkillsPass allows training providers to manage classroom scheduling within the platform so that when a certification is due to expire and a notification is sent, the trainer is provided with a simple and convenient way to schedule re-training right then and there.

Furthermore, SkillsPass enables training providers to fill vacancies by advertising their classes on their website while automatically managing seats and bulk reservations for employers. Workers in need of training can search for courses by training name, date, and geographic location all from the same website.

5. Records Automatically Upload to Government Regulators

Many occupations and industries in Canada are regulated to protect the health and safety of everyone involved by receiving regular reports and assessments of a company’s operations and safety precautions. Rules and regulations governing safety are in their infancy and constantly improving, so tracking them properly is critical.

SkillsPass makes it possible for companies to automate this reporting process to participating regulators and overseers. Employers can spend less time on reports and more time on the workers, their training, and the work they all do together.

SkillsPass is a solution for the entire safety training ecosystem. We help companies reduce the time and effort it takes to train and maintain workers and their certifications. We help workers focus on their work by not having to worry about lost tickets or certification expiration. And we help training providers find new trainees and book previous ones when they need to re-certify. That’s eliminating a lot of paperwork and chores so that everyone can get back to doing what they do best.