Safety Tracking Simplified

Wallet Cards have had their day. Today's workforce deserves safety training records that can't be forgotten, faked, or left in 'the other truck'. Employers crave a superior solution to manual tracking on spreadsheets. Training Providers shouldn't have to hunt down missing records. Today, you don't have to. SkillsPass is the network of choice for tracking safety training records. 

  •  Digital Certificates
  •  Real-Time Credential Validation
  •  Customized Dashboards
  •  Classroom Management
  •  and more...

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Changing the Way Training Records are Tracked and Shared

SkillsPass represents a fundamental shift away from the wallet card system of yesterday. SkillsPass partners can award digital training certificates to a worker in our cloud-based training record database. When a worker claims these certifications by setting up a worker profile, they are building a lifelong learning record that can never be lost, misplaced, faked, or falsified. In return, those participating employers and training providers that populate the system with these records get a maintenance-free record keeping system to support their compliance efforts, reduce red tape, and save lives. To date, SkillsPass is used by:


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SkillsPass and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador have joined forces to provide business owners, employees, and job seekers with free, accessible online training through the provincial government's SkillsPassNL program.

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Employer Module

Quickly build custom reports you can trust, without all the duplicate data entry. Add workers and training, or use Worker Search to find active users. Create Training Dashboards for every project, choosing the data you want to see. Now, sit back and watch the data update in real-time. 

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Worker Portal

Each worker carries a unique, scan-ready QR code, which links back to their complete history of training. Print it or go paperless, SkillsPass's one card validation is accessible from anywhere, and expiry notifications ensure timely retraining.

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Training Delivery

Track attendance, grade workers, and award digital certificates with automated record keeping. Advertise your training with an online storefront and expiry notifications that make registration for retraining quick and easy with the same training provider.

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